Joshua Thomas: Leadership is… PASSION

He has been teaching European History for five years. His favorite thing about teaching is seeing how the students choose to interact and conceptualize content in different ways. But above all, he loves to develop relationships with his students, which is his favorite part. He is passionate about learning, specifically about different cultures, histories, and … Continue reading

Sarah Mansfield

She has been a teacher for fifteen years and has taught English and Leadership in Action. Her favorite thing about teaching is working with people and asking questions that make students see things in a different way. She is passionate about how people handle themselves in different situations, how people treat others, and the choices … Continue reading

Jeffrey Doyle

Mr. Doyle has been Leadership Perspectives teacher for eighteen years. His favorite thing about teaching is when students transcend grades to understand that life is so much more than all of that. He is passionate about humor because he believes it is important to know your own sense of humor and to never take yourself … Continue reading

Kelly Bisogno

Mrs. Bisogno has been a digital art and design teacher for five years. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing how students can connect with their learning in class to the bigger picture. One thing she is passionate about is art. She believes that artists and designers are impacting their communities and the world in … Continue reading

Chris Mercer

He has been a student for four years in the Leadership Program and has just graduated. His favorite thing about being a student in the program is being inspired by the teachers and students. He loves to participate in class discussions that require students to think about and express themselves in a creative and insightful … Continue reading

Bryan Hannum

He has been a World History teacher for one year at James River and was a student in the Leadership Program at James River. His favorite thing about teaching is seeing the different personalities that his students bring to the classroom every day. He is passionate about the integrity that he and those around him … Continue reading

Ashley Hewlett

Mrs. Hewlett has been teaching English for five years. Her favorite thing about teaching is providing opportunities for her students to open up their minds to new ideas.  She enjoys watching her students grow into great leaders and people. She is passionate about the future and enjoys mentoring young people about their potential to be … Continue reading